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IPO Dragons' Den blog returns

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Dragons' Den is all about everyday inventors, designers, creators or entrepreneurs pitching their innovative business ideas to a panel of successful investors, AKA the Dragons.

If they manage to deliver a good pitch, answer all the tough questions from the Dragons and keep their cool under pressure, they may just get an investment from them for a percentage stake in their business.

Series 12 continues on Sunday 25th January at 9pm on BBC Two.

Dragons' Den and Intellectual Property (IP)

Every week the hour long show raises issues of interest to people interested in Intellectual Property. We will post a blog about the IP issues we spot at the end of each episode.

How the IPO can help your business

  • get clued up on IP - our range of IP for business tools will help you get to grips with IP, and see how valuable and important it is for most businesses
  • check what IP you have - take our free IP Health Check today. This simple, quick and confidential tool will help you identify what IP your business may have, how you can protect it and what your next steps should be
  • speak to one of our experts today - call our Information Centre on 0300 300 2000 or attend one of our FREE IP Awareness events to get further advice or any questions you have answered

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Dragons' Den images and episode details reproduced with kind permission from the BBC.

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  1. Comment by Sonia Edwards posted on

    I remember way back when the dragons didn't support IP very much. It is great to see that they have educated them selfs and see the mileage that IP can bring to a business. Good Job.

  2. Comment by Paula Davy posted on

    Hi Susan

    There is some great, free advice on our website about protecting your IP, as well as details on how to contact us directly.

    With regards to applying for Dragons' Den, please see the following link:

    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards


    • Replies to Paula Davy>

      Comment by Susan Raynsford posted on

      Hiya paula thank you so much sorry for no reply sooner as only just seen this i will look into it ASAP once again thank you ill let you know how i get on

  3. Comment by Susan Raynsford posted on

    Hiya I have an amazing concepts i'm sure you hear that all the time but i can truly promise you that this is something completely different regarding safety for children's evening bed time . i've been trying for some time to get funding but the situation is i am a single parent who cannot match the funding so this is showing obstacles any advice or guidance would be truly helpful i will be helpful to know how i can successfully apply for dragons den kind regards susan.....


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